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Make this piece your everyday good luck charm.  The 14k  yellow gold ring with center stone.

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The "birthstone" Sestra Eye Ring. The most elegant and original way to celebrate your birthday, 365 days a year. Designed for those who believe in the authenticity and power of each one; Each stone/gem carries with it a unique meaning. The Evil Eye – a symbol believed to offer protection from negative forces and promote positivity in your life. Made to show who you are, to remember someone special, or simply because it's your favorite stone. If you want to join and live this modern version of a tradition with thousands of years, these rings have to be yours.

We have 100% Real Gold Products. We offer Life time guarantee.
Best choice to gift your loved ones, on any occasion like valentines day, wedding anniversary, Christmas or any special day you want to make someone surprise!
We Ship the products in elegant and firm packaging.

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